Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eat Crap; Feel Like Crap

I've done a little experiment this week, skipping my daily green smoothie and fresh juice to see what, if any, effects I'd notice.

Even I am surprised. Not only do I find that I am hungrier throughout the day, but my sugar cravings are through the roof. Additional side effects include water retention, moodiness, excessive thirst and general fatigue. I barely made it through work today without falling asleep on my keyboard. Stimulants such as coffee have become a necessity.

To say I feel unwell is an understatement. It's been eye-opening for my family and me.

Of course, I'll be getting back on the wagon soon. I'm contemplating an intensive detox next month in combination with my daily routine of smoothies and juices. How I'm feeling this week motivates me further.

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