Sunday, April 7, 2013

Knowing What I Don't Know

I learned an important lesson today -- not knowing what you don't know can be dangerous.

After a week of detox, I thought I had a handle on what would and wouldn't be safe to eat and we ventured out to an organic restaurant loved by our whole family.

I drank water, enjoyed soup, salad and a vegan dish that consisted of sauteed veggies in an ultra-thin gluten-free wrap. After a week of no salt, I could barely handle the dish -- the saltiness burned my tongue. Thankfully, that prevented me from eating much of it. And I'm thankful because I had no way to predict what was to come.

Two hours later, I was doubled over with intestinal pain and we had to cut our day trip short to get me home. It took more than an hour for the pain to subside, but once it did, I was barely conscious. It was as if the intense pain took every ounce of energy from my body.

I passed out in bed and was dead to the world for over four hours. When I awoke, I was groggy and sore but at least the pain was gone. Still, the residual pain is acute enough to make feel like I need to skip yoga tomorrow and take it easy. It also makes me realize that detoxing is something I shouldn't treat lightly and as much as I love being a do-it-yourselfer, I think it's something that requires support.

I'm relieved to discover a local detox program supported by a local naturopath that will be taking place this month. I've decided to take it easy this week, eating foods that I know are easy on my body. It won't be much different from my detox but will focus on soups and teas that are soothing and calming to my digestive system. I don't consider this a failure. I've learned a lot over the course of this week while detoxing. I have learned that juices and smoothies in the morning give me incredible energy throughout the day. I have also learned that I sleep better when I save my heavier meals for the evening. Good things to know and remember.

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